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Visiting Urgent Care Is Safe during Covid-19, But Choose the Right Ones

It would be interesting to note that the first patient identified as being infected with Covid-19 presented himself at an urgent care Washington DC clinic.

He had mild symptoms that were clinically similar to respiratory illnesses during winter.

He had a 4-day history of cough after returning from Wuhan, China.

The urgent care clinician informed the local health authorities and they notified the CDC Emergency Room Center.

Specimens were collected and the man sent to home isolation.

The above story goes to prove that urgent care centers have always been in the forefront in providing care for non-life threatening illnesses.

Today, the humankind is in the grip of a fearsome pandemic – Covid-19.

In such a scenario, even a mild illness can be frightening with the thought you may be suffering from corona virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided guidance for who should be tested.

If you feel you have the symptoms of Covid-19, the first line of action should be to call your primary care doctor. He or she will counsel on how to go ahead.

Fortunately, some after hours urgent care centers perform Covid-19 molecular and antibody testing with no appointment needed.

These clinics administer tests to those who display corona virus symptoms or have been otherwise exposed.

People can rest assured that they are safe when they visit urgent care clinics.

These clinics strictly follow guidelines from the CDC.

  • Strong disinfecting processes are used to sterilize rooms, tables, computing devices, and other surfaces with EPA-registered cleaning products.
  • Waiting rooms are repositioned so that they will adhere to social distancing norms.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is provided to the staff and to patients who are in need.
  • The nursing staff will enforce in-car triage for all patients on arrival.
  • There will be tele-video services for those who need care from home.

It is heartening that urgent care centers are continuing to offer ambulatory care in a medical facility outside of a hospital.

These facilities are a boon to those who want to get treated for illness and injuries that require immediate care.

The chief driver for the popularity of these clinics is quick services, appointment flexibility, and affordability.

The burgeoning geriatric population and increasing incidences of chronic diseases are other reasons.

The facilities available at after hours urgent care are inclusive.

In addition to getting treated for trauma and injury, you can also get routine vaccinations and occupational medicine.

Keep in mind that the doctors at urgent care clinics are of high quality.

According to an estimate, more than 20,000 doctors practice in these facilities.

Before visiting any urgent care in DC, you can make check the quality of services they provide.

Importantly, make sure they have inclusive Covid-19 safety practices in place. If you are sick with symptoms related to Covid-19, call ahead and tell the urgent care team. They may have special guidance for you.

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