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Urgent Care Arlington VA Testimonials

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Came here after a car accident. No wait, clean office, doctor was competent, and staff was professional. Would recommend to others.

– Cheryl D.
Alexandria, VA

I read all of the reviews on here and was really hesitant about going here. However, it is a whole two blocks from my house and I was sick. To my surprise, the receptionist women were both delightful. Even better? The doctor is a doll. They all listened to everything going on. Doctor Hameed showed serious concern when I had to come back, as my antibiotics were not working. In fact, the receptionists even remembered me. They were all so polite, comforting, and understanding.

I will note, however, that there was a very unhappy couple waiting in the room who had just returned from being overseas. They had not switched their address over and the insurance company would not recognize they were back in the US and thus would not allow billing. Did the couple say oops? No. The woman actually audibly yelled at the reception. Don’t do this! I was shocked.

Perhaps all the reviewers have come in here expecting to be served. I came in looking to be helped. I was greeted, helped, and even comforted. I couldn’t ask for better when I’m ill.

– Kresenda K.
Arlington, VA

I’d come down with a bad cold, and I needed to be seen immediately. Enter: XPress Urgent Care. I’d remembered seeing this place from the Costco parking lot during the center’s grand opening week, so I thought it’d be worth a shot to give it a try.

I am very pleased with my visit. This is the third urgent care center I’ve used since I moved here, and this place was by far the best! First, the place is clean! (And you KNOW this can be rare at an urgent care center. Nothing makes you feel worse when all sorts of bacteria and viruses are swimming inside you than to wonder if you’re about to catch something new just from entering the urgent care center.) I hope it stays this way forever — but at least for now you can enjoy the clean leather and suede seats, the tile floor, the two flatscreen tvs, and the myriad of finishing touches that went in to making this place look its very best.

Check-in was easy and efficient, even though the only nurse on staff was also doubling as the receptionist. Most importantly though, Dr. Hameed is very good — competent, efficient, welcoming, and thorough! I was in and out quickly, but I felt like he’d listened to and addressed all my concerns in the best way possible. If I ever find myself in need of, well, urgent care — I’ll definitely be back!

– Natalie D.
Washington, DC

I came here over the weekend after falling (and, as I would learn at XPress Care) breaking my elbow. The X-Ray tech at the urgent care facility I have used in DC wasn’t around yesterday, and this place was the perfect combination of proximity and covered by insurance.

The receptionist/nurse was great- super friendly, willing to answer questions, and sent me home with a list of orthopedists to contact on Monday (I didn’t already have one, and asked if she could recommend anyone). The Dr. was also great, doing an examination of my other injuries (I was pretty scraped up, but had neglected those injuries in favor of the throbbing in my arm) and giving me a printed copy of at-home instructions. The office was also super clean (it’s new), but I will warn any drivers that parking in the area is pretty rough.

– Jenniver T.
Austin, TX

This place is spotless, brand new, efficient, and very well equipped. The staff was professional, knowledgable, and made me feel like I was going to be taken care of. They have x-ray machines and a lab to do blood work right there. I highly recommend XPress Care!

When I started feeling really horrible on a Friday afternoon, I knew my only option would be an Urgent Care center. I googled a few and got mixed reviews, but this one looked very promising.

I got to XPress Care when they opened at 10am on Saturday morning. Pulled right into a parking spot in front of the building. They had me in an exam room within fifteen minutes, including the time it took to fill out paperwork. Dr. Hameed was friendly and compassionate, but also very to the point. He did a quick exam and immediately diagnosed my strange fatigue and muscle aches as a posterior sinus infection. They took blood to be sure there wasn’t anything else going on and said I’d have the results the next day, which was a Sunday. Incredible.

I was in and out in 45 minutes. They called in my prescription and I’m on the mend.

My only complaint was that this counted as an ’emergency room visit’ to my insurance company, meaning I had to pay the emergency co-pay. Can’t really complain though because mine isn’t that high.

– Becky V.
Alexandria, VA

They are friendly, there’s not much of a wait, they know their stuff, and it’s close enough I can walk there from my house. If you are sick and need to feel better soon go here!

– David H.
Arlington, VA

Just went in for a cold that turned into bronchitis. Was a little hard to find parking on a Sunday afternoon but I did find out that they have underground parking available. The staff were all professional and friendly. The reception area and patient exam rooms were clean and orderly. Was seen quickly by Dr. Hameed. He examined me, wrote out my care plan and I was on my way within 20 minutes or so. Comforting to know there is somewhere I can go when I’m sick as my own primary care physician could not see me for 4 more days.

– Steffani C.
Santa Fe, NM

Today was my first visit to Xpress Care, I was quite impressed. Clinic is very neat and Upscale. The intake process was quick. The wait was practically non existent.. The Doctor was prompt and to the point. Got Xray and brace in less than 30 minutes. I would highly recommend this facility.

– Bethney Z.
Alexandria, VA

After being sick for 3 days I decided it was time to be seen. I remembered that there was a new urgent care near Costco in Pentagon/crystal City so I figured it would be quicker to get in there then trying to make an appt w my regular Dr, I got there and the waiting room was fairly full so I was a little nervous about the wait being to long. I asked the receptionist how long it would be before I could be seen and she told me about 15 minutes or so. I filled out my paper work and paid my copay and within 10 minutes or so I was taken back and worked up by the nurse. About 5 minutes later I was seen by the Dr. I had an X-ray of my abdomen, blood work done,and a prescription for nausea pills and was ready to be on my way all in about 45 minutes. The nurse called me the next day after my visit just to check on how i was feeling and let me know about my blood results. It was all viral and a day later I was on my way to being my old self again. This urgent care was very clean fast and friendly. The nurse who took my blood and did my X-ray was very good about explaining to me what the testing was for. Dr. Hameed was very knowledgeable about my condition and with explaining the diagnosis to me. He assured me I would really start to feel better in 24 hours and he was right. I would recommend this place to anybody. Everyone is very friendly and seems to go out of there way to make sure you feel like you are getting the best service.

– Aubrey G.
Arlington, VA

I tried XPress Care the first time because I needed bloodwork done, (I’m on a blood thinner and have to test regularly). It was a miserable day outside so I figured it would be hard to get a taxi to my usual lab in Alexandria. That first visit to XPress Care won me over and I’ve continued to return on a regular basis because of the friendliness, compassion, cleanliness, and, most importantly, the medical knowledge of the staff. I very highly recommend XPress Care to any and all who are in need of prompt and efficient medical attention.

– Jennifer H.
Arlington, VA


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