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24/7 Hour STD Clinic in DC Offers Discreet and Affordable STD Testing

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Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, STD testing took a backseat. The whole world focused on this novel virus, which wreaked havoc across continents and still continues to. However, as doctors put it, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are equally dangerous.

What makes them even more perilous is their deceptive symptoms or, just like Covid-19, no symptoms.

Lockdowns may have posed a restriction to the number of partners a person could have sex with. However, STDs are not something that you have sex today and get them tomorrow.

The pathogens are infamous for staying in your body for years, even decades.

As one of the doctors at the 24/7 hour STD clinic in DC remarks, “if you have sore throat, cough, and fever, you may think it might be the Coronavirus. But, dear friends, it could also be a sign of Chlamydia – one of the STDs!”

This is so deceptive!

Sore throat, cold, cough, and fever could be Covid-19. Or it could be a sexually transmitted disease. Or it could be none of the both. It could be a simple cold and cough!

So how do you know what it is exactly?

“Test,” a one-word answer that the doctor at the STD clinic puts forward.

Testing is the only way to find our whether you are suffering from Covid-19 or some STD.

“Guesswork won’t help you,” adds the doctor, “this may put you in danger. And if it’s the Coronavirus, it may put your family in danger too.”

So, folks, act fast, in case you notice such symptoms.

Feeling shy about STDs is so passe

Gone are the days when you felt embarrassed or shy talking about STDs. You were reluctant to discuss this with your family physician. Gays were hesitant to disclose details about their sexual activities.

With the advent of 24/7 hours STD clinic in DC, things are different. The clinic conducts discreet STD testing. Isn’t this great? You can feel at ease talking about your sexual activities with the doctor and undergoing a test. Nobody is here to judge you.

Do I really need to disclose my sexual history to the doctor?


If you are unsure about what test to undergo, you may consult with the doctor present at the clinic. He or she will want to know about any symptoms you have, your sexual behavior, number of sexual partners, and other such details. This information will help the doctor advise you about the test you must undergo.

Common STD tests conducted in the clinic include:

  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Test
  • Syphilis and HIV Panel
  • Herpes I & II Panel
  • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HSV I & II Panel
  • Hepatitis B & C Panel
  • Comprehensive STD Panel for males

Already wondering, “is there a STD testing facility near me?”

Well, you can find one a block away from Pentagon City metro.

Symptoms or no symptoms, getting tested for STD is a smart move to ensure your and your partner’s sexual health. The best way to curb the spread of deadly STDs is to urge all sexually active people to undergo a test, just like we are doing for Covid-19.

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