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Urgent Care – DC

Xpress Care Urgent Care is proud to be part of the DC community. We have a full service urgent care clinic that has been providing quality healthcare to the DC and surrounding area residents, as well as a walk in clinic, lab tests, urgent care, and with a long list of services such as weight loss and our Medi Spa.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight but are struggling, come in to our office for help. Our weightloss clinic can help you see the results you’re looking for. Losing weight can help you look better, leave you with more energy, and improve your overall quality of life and health. Weight loss can also reduce the risk of weight related diseases, organ issues, and many other health concerns. Just a small amount of weight lost can help you decrease your risk of diabetes.

Don’t wait days to be seen by a busy doctor, when we’re here with a full staff waiting to get you back to optimal healthfulness. We’re conveniently located just across the bridge from DC. Sometimes, our health can’t wait for our normal family physicians to be taken care of. Sometimes, a condition can arise which requires urgent care. At Xpress Care Urgent Care, we can help. We can help you without needing an appointment or wait time. Just come in and we can see you in less than 30 minutes.

Xpress Care Urgent Care is located at 1409 S. Fern Street in Arlington, VA. Our hours are Monday through Friday 9am-8 pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm. You can visit us online at or call us at: 703-521-2121.

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