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How To Manage Anxiety and Hot Flashes Associated with Menopause

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Women in menopause will most likely suffer from hot flashes. It is a condition in which women experience a rush of heat in the upper body. Hot flashes of strong intensity and frequency can cause medical issues in the affected women. These include extreme sweating, palpitations, and red blotches on the skin in some areas of the body.

According to physicians, the exact reason for hot flashes in women in menopause is not clear, but it is most likely because of the changing levels of estrogen in the body. Disruption of estrogen can cause thermoregulation problems. It may cause a severe increase in the body temperature, even as the core temperature remains steady. If you are suffering from hot flashes associated with menopause, you must see a physician to get relief from the condition.

Consult A Physician for Sound Advice

Hot flashes and anxiety are common in women in menopause. However, it is not clear if it is a hot flash that causes anxiety, or is it the other way round. Recent studies indicate that anxiety that is caused by emotions did not lead to hot flashes. However, physical anxiety symptoms often caused hot flashes in women throughout menopause. You can visit the nearest urgent care Washington DC to get treated for the condition.

According to physicians, hot flashes can also happen because of various other conditions. Consumption of alcohol, spicy food, coffee, smoking, etc. can also trigger hot flashes. Some types of medications are also known to cause hot flashes.

You can consult a qualified physician at the urgent care Arlington VA clinic to discuss your menopause-related anxiety and hot flashes problem and get treated for the same. Your doctor will advise you to take rest as sleep disturbance can cause anxiety and restlessness.

Your physician will also suggest that you exercise regularly to keep anxiety levels under control and prevent episodes of hot flashes. You can do both cardio and aerobic exercises to reduce anxiety as it helps in achieving a fit body and more importantly, a calm mind.

Visiting the nearest urgent care Washington DC instead of waiting for your family physician is a recommended way of managing hot flashes. It must be controlled as soon as possible and hence it makes sense to get treated at walk-in clinics where there are no long queues or extended waiting periods. You can simply walk in when you need to get treated and see a relevant physician immediately.

A Detailed Diagnosis Can Help Understand The Problem Better

Your physician will diagnose your health conditions and parameters closely and suggest the appropriate medications to relieve the common symptoms of menopause. There are natural remedies also available to treat anxiety and anxiety-driven hot flashes. If you are wary of taking strong prescription drugs, you can ask your physician to suggest some natural remedies.

Your physician will also recommend some lifestyle changes to help you deal with menopause-related anxiety better. Keep a track of specific food and beverage items that generally trigger anxiety attacks and avoid them. Wear clothes and materials that you feel comfortable in and avoid using tight and sweat-inducing styles.

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