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After Hours Clinic Washington DC: Tips For Halloween During Covid-19

After Hours Clinic Washington DC: Tips For Halloween During Covid-19

Halloween 2020 and beyond will be different, no doubt. The Coronavirus has been ‘playing the Halloween’ the whole year. Has there been anything scarier than this?

The CDC has warned that there could be a new surge in cases during the fall, as the flu season begins and temperature drops.

The first thing that you and your family must do is visit after hours clinic in Washington DC for a flu shot.

Next, avoid arranging Halloween parties this year. You could arrange for online events.

As per the CDC, the trick-or-treat door-to-door thing is highly risky this time. It can easily transmit the Coronavirus as you greet people on the door and take candies from them.

Virtual events pose the least risk.

You can arrange small gatherings where people are six feet apart and are wearing appropriate face coverings. Doctors at urgent care consider small gatherings less risky than door-to-door greetings. Yet, risk is still there.

So, it is upto you how much risk to take. However, it’s not smart to expose yourselves and your near and dear ones to one of the deadliest viruses of human history.

Doctors also suggest people taking care of their health properly during this season. The festive spirit might make you forget the protocols of washing hands frequently, wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing.

Before you begin to prepare for Halloween, ask, “where is after hours clinic near me?”

3 Important things to do before Halloween

  • Walk in an urgent care clinic near you and get your flu shot.
  • If you have been ignoring certain symptoms, now is the time to consult a doctor.
  • If your health checkups are pending, do now.

In case you or your family member develop the typical symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not visit the clinic. Isolate yourselves or your family member. Get in touch with the doctor on phone. Act accordingly.

Planning to scare your neighbors this Halloween, eh? But first ensure your health. Nothing is scarier than illness, especially during the pandemic situation.

Why visiting urgent care clinics is better during pandemic?

  • Urgent care clinics hardly have a waiting time. Patients come and go. So, no gathering of patients inside the clinic.
  • You can easily maintain six feet distance from other patients and staff due to lesser rush in the clinic.
  • After hours clinic in Washington DC follows strict protocol of sanitization, wearing protective gear, face masks, and others.
  • The doctors are always there to help you all days of the week and on extended hours.
  • The clinic conducts a series of lab tests and treatments. So, you need not visit a hospital for common illnesses.

Please remember that an urgent care clinic does not cater to patients with terminal illnesses or any life-threatening situation such as heart attack, major burns, and brain injuries. Also, if you are experiencing severe shortness of breath and gasping for breath, please rush to a hospital. Other than this, you can easily walk in the clinic and ensure your and your family’s health.

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