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Why You Must Undergo STD Testing During Coronavirus Pandemic

STD testing in Crystal City, STD clinic in DC

You may be living all these years without knowing about your sexual health. However, times have changed. You can say this is the “Coronavirus Era.” The world is slowly adapting to living with the novel virus. In such a scenario, you cannot afford to live with a compromised immunity.

And sexually transmitted diseases can compromise your immunity.

So, if you are sexually active, you must undergo a test. This holds particularly important for people who indulge in high-risk sexual behaviors and have multiple partners. Also, if you have never tested yourselves before, now is the time.

STD testing in Crystal City is available at affordable rates. The clinic conducts discreet testing. So, no fear of anybody knowing you were at the clinic for a STD test. You can also do the billing anonymously.

How to undergo STD testing?

You simply need to walk in the clinic near you and ask for a test. If you are unsure what test you want, consult a doctor present in the clinic. Testing and treatment are available on the same day.

The clinic offers:

  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test
  • Syphilis and HIV panel
  • Herpes I & II panel
  • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HSV I & II panel
  • Hepatitis B & C panel
  • Comprehensive STD panel

The tests are usually done using a blood sample. In some cases, the doctor may take swab or fluid sample.

The doctor would recommend tests based on your symptoms. If there are none, then he or she would decide upon a test based on your sexual history.

You need to be candid with the doctor in this case. Doctors at STD clinic in DC are mature and non-judgmental. They are here to help you. So, please be honest about your sexual history so that the doctor can give you the right recommendation regarding tests and sexual health.

Why do you need separate STD testing?

STD tests are usually not included in routine health checkups. You must request your doctor for a STD test during your routine exam.

So, if you obtain a normal health report, but indulge in sexual behaviors that put you at risk of infection, you can still not be sure of your health. You must undergo STD test to be completely sure.

Testing is the only way to find out whether you are infected with a sexually transmitted disease, says a doctor at a STD clinic.

Many diseases are asymptomatic. The virus stays in your body, slowly and silently, damaging your organs. It may even take years before you experience a symptom. At times, it is too late.

Do not be at the mercy of a virus.

Take health in your hands. Enjoy healthy sex life without worrying whether you contracted an infection each time you got intimate with your partner. Undergo a test and get your partner tested too. Once you both are negative, practice monogamy. This is the best way to live a fulfilling sexual life, say doctors. Practicing celibacy is not the practical solution to STDs, practicing safe sex is.

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