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Why is STD Testing Important for You During Coronavirus Outbreak?

Coronavirus is spreading fast and wide. The global atmosphere is of anxiety, fear, cautiousness, confusion, shock, despondency, hope, faith, and humanity. This is not the end. There is a cocktail of emotions out there. Amidst this overwhelming situation, do not forget STD testing in Crystal City.

Of course you need to be cautious about the novel Coronavirus, but you cannot forget other infections. Some of the equally deadly and widespread infections are those of sexually transmitted diseases. And now, with people locked down in their homes, it’s important that you confirm your sexual health.

A must for couples

It’s a smart idea for couples to undergo a test to make sure they are healthy. In the wake of the pandemic, you may or may not get access to condoms. Why take the risk? If you have never been tested, now is the time to do so.

If both of you are negative, you can enjoy a fulfilling sex life even if you are short of condoms. In case either of you come out positive, you can prevent a great deal of medical trouble. You now know that you are infected; you can prevent spreading the infection to your partner by avoiding sexual contact and getting treatment as fast as possible.

Lesson to learn

Coronavirus has taught has a lesson:

We need to be cautious about infections and their spread. This can be done only when we act smartly; test ourselves on time and take necessary precautions.

This holds true for all kinds of infections, not just the novel virus.

Good news

Arlington STD testing is available discreetly and affordably at your nearby urgent care clinic. Please practice social distancing when you visit the clinic and wear a mask.

The clinic is open all days of the week, even on extended hours. However, now that most of us are working from home, time is no problem. You can easily visit the clinic and undergo this important test.

STD tests available here

  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test
  • Syphilis and HIV panel
  • Herpes I & II panel
  • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HSV I & II panel
  • Hepatitis B & C panel
  • Comprehensive STD panel

The clinic abides by all state and federal laws, including HIPAA. The staff takes patients’ privacy seriously. So, you need not worry about your medical information getting leaked. Upon request, they also keep your identity confidential. It’s never too late to undergo STD testing. The tests take around 10 minutes only. A smart step in time can save you from a lot of health trouble.

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