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Why Choose Urgent Care?

An urgent care center is extremely helpful for many reasons. These are the most important factors why people choose an urgent care clinic over other options:
1. Affordability
The rising costs of traditional healthcare are driving people to seek out alternatives. Urgent care clinics are simply cheaper, on average, than other options, and 80% of emergency room visits could just as well have been handled at a walk in clinic. Furthermore, they accept most forms of insurance and usually provide big discounts to those who are without insurance coverage.
2. Faster Service
Waiting at an ER can take several hours, but you can likely receive care in 30 minutes or less at an urgent care center. The Xpress Urgent Care center is open on the weekends and is Metro accessible, so care is just a few minutes away.

3. Greater Convenience
Without any hassle of making an appointment and following a strict schedule, it is simply more convenient to use a walk in clinic for things like immunizations, flu and cold treatments, pediatric care, medical lab tests, and X-ray services. Mandatory physical exams for school, sports, or work are also commonly done at walk in clinics due to the ease with which it can be accomplished.
4. Access to a Quick Diagnosis
Sometimes, it is clear that you don’t need to make an ER trip, but neither are you sure exactly how serious your condition is. A walk in clinic can quickly diagnose you so you know what steps to take next.

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