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Well Checks – Arlington, VA

We are happy to be part of the Arlington, VA community, offering our services of walk-in clinic and urgent care. Our staff is committed to helping you, our neighbors, maintain a healthful and happy lifestyle.

If you are just looking for a physical, why wait in long lines or have distant appointment times with a regular hospital, just to be seen? At Xpress Care, we offer wellness physicals where you don’t have to wait. All you have to do is show up. We also offer school physicals, employment physicals, school physicals, and pre-surgery. You don’t even have to make the appointment to be seen in less than 30 minutes. We are also open every day of the week, so we make it easy to fit health into your busy schedule. With all that you have to do, from going to work every day, to picking up the kids to grocery shopping and housework, why not take a weight off your shoulder. Take some time when it is most convenient for you to have your physicals done. That way, you won’t have to stress about it, and you don’t have to worry with busy hospitals or doctor offices.

Also, if you have moved from another city, state, or country, we can fill your regular prescription medications.

Xpress Care Urgent Care is located at 1409 S. Fern Street in Arlington, VA. Our hours are Monday through Friday 9am-8 pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm. You can visit us online at or call us at: 703-521-2121.

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