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During these cold fall months, we have a lot on our minds. We have the holidays to worry about, and those bring all kinds of stresses and worries. We’re constantly thinking about others during this time of the year: what we’re going to give them for gifts, what kind of food should we bring for holiday dinner, etc. However, it’s important to take some time to make sure our health is in check.

When the temperature falls, it’s inevitable that we’re going to be dealing with things like the flu and the common cold. Luckily, Xpress Care Urgent Care is here to make sure you are able to get a well-visit when you want. We can assess your health and make sure your ready to take on those holiday festivities in a healthful way. It’s very important to make sure that you are physically well. A check-up every year is important, and it’s even more crucial once flu season comes. It’s not too late to schedule your well-visit before flu season hits full force. We have long hours so that if you work or go to school or are just really busy, you can still come in for your wellness physical examination. All you have to do is come in and you will be seen that day, within 30 minutes. Hurry, though, because there’s nothing worse than celebrating the holidays feeling ill.

Xpress Care Urgent Care is located at 1409 S. Fern Street in Arlington, VA. Our hours are Monday through Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm. You can visit us online at: or call us at: 703-521-2121.

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