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Should You Visit the ER or Urgent Care?

Did you know with many injuries or illnesses, you can visit an urgent care center instead of the Emergency Room? An urgent care center is more convenient, plus it saves you time and money.

Average time of an ER visit: 4.5 hours

Average cost of an ER visit: $1,757

Average cost of an urgent care center visit: $153


An urgent care center is a good option for any issues that can’t wait for an appointment with your regular physician, but are not so serious that they need to be at an ER. Urgent Care centers can be just as quick as ERs, and offer many of the same services, including X-Rays, tests, and writing prescriptions.


If you’re experiencing any of these issues, head to an Urgent Care center.

Flu and cold

Coughs and sore throat

High fevers

Vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain

Cuts and severe scrapes

Broken bones

Minor injuries and burns


If your condition is more severe, and you find it on this list, it’s worth it to get to an Emergency Room

Allergic reactions to food, animal or bug bites

Severe Broken bones

Chest pain

Constant vomiting

Continuous bleeding

Severe shortness of breath

Deep wounds

Weakness or pain in a leg or arm

Head injuries



You can always call our office if you’re unsure whether you should visit the ER or Urgent Care. We always want to do our best to get you back on your feet!

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