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Urgent Care Has Advantages

Urgent care clinics have proved to be a boon to millions of Americans for more reasons than one.

The chief advantage is it is now the preferred place to go for minor or non-life threatening illnesses.

In all probability, you can find one in close proximity to your neighborhood where you can rush in to get immediate care.

Doctors in Arlington VA who are providing care in urgent care clinics offer quick attention by way of diagnosis and treatment for non-life threatening illness, such as:

  • Colds, fever, and flu
  • Vomiting and abdominal pain
  • Minor cuts, sprains and strains, and eye injuries
  • Falls requiring treatment to minor bone injuries
  • Minor burns
  • Choking and food poisoning
  • Allergies and breathing problems
  • Kidney and prostate infections

A walk-in clinic in Arlington VA is open 7 days and week and during extended hours too.

You do not need an appointment and can get treatment even if you have no insurance.

Despite the fact that urgent care centers are gaining in popularity because patients like to avoid long waits, these clinics are not meant to replace primary care doctors or emergency rooms.

“Urgent care centers are for people who do not have serious issues”, says a leading Maryland based physician. “If you experience severe chest pain, feel faint, or get seriously hurt in a vehicle accident then hospital is the best place to go”.

The above is an important advisory.

It can be tempting to rush to the nearest urgent care if you or any of your loved ones fall ill or need emergency care.

But you must decide between going to your primary care doctor, urgent care or the hospital.

If the illness does not warrant immediate attention, it makes sense to visit your primary care doctor.

It could be possible that even for urgent medical issues that your primary care doctor may be available to you. In such instances, there’s no point choosing any other medical facility.

Yes, in the event of a heart attack or a stroke, you must rush to the emergency.

Keep in mind that most urgent care centers are well-staffed to take care of a variety of illnesses.

The clinics are generally staffed by:

  • Nurse practitioners
  • Lab technicians
  • Physicians
  • Physician assistants

As an adult, a typical urgent care will take care of your minor illnesses. But if you have children make sure the clinic has pediatricians.

Try to book visits online

While it may take around 15-30 minutes for the doctor to see you, if you visit on a walk-in basis, online booking (if available) can save a lot of time.

After a visit to an urgent care, make sure you follow-up with your regular doctor.

It could be a hassle to gather medical records from the urgent care and show them to your family doctor.

In such a situation, it would do well for you if the urgent care center communicates directly with your primary care doctor.

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