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Urgent Care Facilities in the Forefront during the Covid-19 Pandemic Times

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The ongoing Corona-19 pandemic has transformed the way health care is provided in the United States.

It has affected the operations in clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices and urgent care centers.

The situation is nothing short of challenging.

Patients seeking respiratory care because of possible corona virus, care of other ailments (even serious ones) being delayed, medical care facilities being overwhelmed, absenteeism among medical staff because of illness – all of these have compounded problems further.

But it is the responsibility of healthcare facilities to provide treatment to all regardless of the type of illnesses they are suffering from.

The facilities must provide care for all in the safest possible manner.

The general guidelines at the present moment are:

  • The facilities must continue to operate effectively during this pandemic.
  • The facilities must modify the manner healthcare is delivered by reducing to the minimum in-person care.
  • Infection prevention and control measures must be followed strictly.
  • For in-person services other than Covid-19, steps must be taken to ensure complete safety for the patients, healthcare personnel, and others.

It is good to note that if you want to visit an urgent care clinic in Washington DC, appropriate safety measures are in place.

The urgent care centers have put in place:

  • Adequate training of the staff about Covid-19 and the importance of containing its outbreak
  • Facility policies and practices to minimize chances of exposure
  • Adequate preparedness by proper management of patient flow, triage, and treatment
  • Provision of sanitizers, face shields, approved respirators, gloves, and gowns to all care givers
  • Action plans in case of office staff illness, absentees, or quarantine
  • Plans for isolating all patients with suspected symptoms of any respiratory illness to remote office areas
  • No-touch methods for waste disposal
  • Routine cleaning and disinfection procedures for the entire clinic space

There is no any doubt that urgent care centers are in the front line to respond to Covid-19 in the best possible manner.

“You cannot ignore patients that need immediate care for non-life threatening illnesses”, says a doctor at an urgent care Washington DC.

Like any other normal times, people do suffer from sore throats, minor injuries, ear infections, insect bites, upset stomachs, and body aches.  Children also suffer minor injuries, bruises, and cuts.

All these need to be taken care of to prevent serious issues cropping up later.

A key benefit of visiting an urgent care is convenient access.

No appointment is needed.

But yes, during these Covid-19 times patients may have to undergo a bit of inconvenience by undergoing extra precautionary measures.

Moreover, Covid-19 tests are administered to all patients having corona virus symptoms.

Even exposed patients deemed at risk are tested.

Here is what you can expect during your visit.

When you arrive at the clinic, check-in at the front door and follow instructions like keeping 6 feet away from others.

Patients without Covid-19 symptoms will be allowed in and those with symptoms are required to wait in their cars for further instructions. It is no doubt challenging times. But rest assured all patients requiring treatment are taken care of.

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