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Life After Covid-19 Vaccine: 3 Vital Questions Answered

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Covid-19 vaccine is here. Well, that doesn’t mean the end of the pandemic. In fact, we have a long way to go.

However, the vaccination spree is in full swing around the world. Many people are wondering how life will be after getting Coronavirus vaccine.

Accoring to doctors at the walk in clinic in Washington DC, life will still be the same.

This means:

  • You must still wear a face mask
  • You must still practise social distancing
  • You must still wash hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds

“Vaccine doesn’t make you completely immune against the virus,” informs the doctor at the clinic. “You need to continue taking precautions.”

Doctors at urgent care clinic answer some of the commonest questions asked by people with regard to Covid-19 vaccine.

1. Why must I still wear a face mask after vaccination?

Dumping your mask immediately after getting vaccinated is a blunder. The vaccine dose starts doing its work only after 14-28 days. This is the time the body takes to produce strong antibodies.

Besides, mass immunization is still a dream. It will take a year atleast, suggest doctors. This means, a large part of the population will still be susceptible.

Moreover, you don’t know who has got the shot and who hasn’t. Many people are avoiding getting vaccinated due to apprehensions. So, it is unwise to ditch your mask even after getting the shot.

The same reason applies for why you need to still practise social distancing and washing hands.

2. Can I party after getting Covid-19 vaccine?

It’s risky. Vaccine is not your ticket to partying; atleast not initially. It’s good that you have taken the vaccine; but wait for a while. We need to wait till we attain appreciable herd immunity.

This is because even while the world goes on a vaccination spree, there will still be people who do not get the shot.

They can be carriers of the virus. Closed spaces like bars, clubs, and likewise are high-risk places.

3. Can I drink alcohol after vaccination?

You cannot drink alcohol for 45 days after getting vaccinated, inform doctors at the walk in clinic in Arlington, VA.

So, if you are thinking of celebrating the Covid-19 shot with your favorite whiskey shot, not so soon!

Wait for 45 days.

According to doctors, a vaccine can work properly only when your body has a healthy and robust immunity to support its working.

Alcohol lowers your immunity. It renders your body incapable of producing enough immunogenicity after vaccination.

So, it’s wise to wait and let your body do its job. You can gulp your favorite shot after 45 days when your body is stronger.


It’s time to remove fears related to the vaccine. Better to be educated about it and spread the awareness. Covid-19 vaccine is not for people below 18 years of age, those suffering from certain medical conditions, those on particular medications, and pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. Please consult your doctor for more information at the walk in Washington, DC.

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