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Lab Tests – Arlington, VA

Xpress Care Urgent Care is proud to be part of the Arlington community. We have a full service urgent care clinic that has been providing quality healthcare to the DC and surrounding area residents. A condition can arise which requires urgent care. At Xpress Care Urgent Care, we can help. We can help you without needing an appointment or wait time. Just come in and we can see you in less than 30 minutes.

Our Lab Test is the only medical facility in the area that offers any lab test without the need to see a physician. We have made it easier to monitor your own health, all the while not requiring you to jump through all the hoops associated with traditional medical care, like appointment setting, waiting for a physician, and the costs associated with these things.

A’la carte lab test services is self-pay, so you don’t need doctor’s approval or to deal with insurance companies saying they won’t cover your treatment. Our most popular tests are the STD panel, Hormone panel, Cholesterol panel, ED panel, Liver panel, Dementia panel, Cancer panel, and Stool Parasites panel. By taking these tests in our office, there are many advantages. One is that you can take charge of your medical health without dealing with those aforementioned hoops and stressors. You also have the advantage of taking these tests and receiving the results in a discreet environment.

Xpress Care Urgent Care is located at 1409 S. Fern Street in Arlington, VA. Our hours are Monday through Friday 9am-8 pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm. You can visit us online at or call us at: 703-521-2121.

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