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How Baby Boomers Can Keep Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak?

Coronavirus infection

The older generation has never been so confident and health-conscious in the recent years. However, this baby boomer crowd needs to take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. According to doctors, people above 60 are more prone to becoming seriously ill with the novel virus. This holds particularly true if you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, or lung disease.

Expert advise

Baby boomers must keep a watch on symptoms like fever, runny nose, shortness of breath, or cough. In case you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, please contact 24 hour urgent care clinic. Call the doctor. Avoid visiting the clinic with the symptoms. The doctor will guide you through phone.

If you have mild symptoms, you need not panic. The symptoms do not necessary mean you have Coronavirus infection. It could be a bout of seasonal flu. However, you mustn’t take risk and venture out of home. Isolate yourselves to protect others and take medical advice. You can recover at home. Please follow home quarantine.

Emergency signs

  • Persistent pressure or pain in chest
  • Difficulty in breathing or gasping for breaths
  • Bluish face or lips
  • Confusion or cloudy thinking

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you must at once call a doctor. The above symptoms require immediate medical intervention.

The tough generation?

According to a recent news report, a couple of Coronavirus patients aged above 100 years fully recovered from the infection!

Well, it’s true that baby boomers consider themselves as a tough generation. These are the people who survived without the ultra luxuries and comforts, drank water straight from a hose, and played in the mud with the earthworms!

They must have a stronger immunity.

But, those were the times without climate change, global warming, and rapid industrialization. Also, there was more greenery than now and polluted air and traffic jams weren’t the norms back then. People were more physically active.

Yet, the virus seems to be deadly and does not differentiate between the generations. So, it is always smart to be on the safe side.

Urgent care clinic in Washington DC is fully operational. You must have the contact number of the clinic, stock up on essential medicines, just in case, and stay at home as much as possible.

Don’t forget disinfecting common surfaces that you touch the most at home. Wash hands often. Is your annual health checkup pending? Please practice social distancing when visiting the clinic. Or you could postpone your checkup to a couple of months, if not urgent.

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