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How Asthma Patients Can Keep Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak

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One of the major symptoms of Coronavirus, as told by doctors, is difficulty in breathing. Well, a similar situation happens when you have an asthma attack. So, many asthmatics are confused. What if they develop shortness of breath? Is this an attack or the onset of the virus?

Asthmatics need to be extra cautious at this time, say doctors. You cannot take things lightly.

This is what doctors have to say:

First, always keep an inhaler handy. In case you develop breathing trouble, manage the situation with the inhaler.

Next, watch out for other symptoms, such as fever, dry cough, achy muscles, loss of sense of taste and smell. These are other symptoms of Covid-19.

So, if your shortness of breath is accompanied with these symptoms, you must contact Alexandria doctors office immediately on phone. Get the instructions of the doctor and act accordingly.

If your shortness of breath eases down with the use of inhaler, you need not panic. Besides, asthma attacks are characterized by wheezing, which is not a Covid-19 symptom.

Understanding the difference

There is a difference between how Coronavirus affects your lungs and how asthma affects your lungs.

Asthma causes bronchial inflammation. This narrows down the airway and causes spasms. So you experience wheezing and difficulty in breathing, accompanied with coughing.

Coronavirus causes inflammation inside the lung tissue.

Being extra cautious

Covid-19 is a respiratory viral infection and, because of the fact that asthma is also a respiratory problem, the viral infection can worsen symptoms of asthma.

As per CDC – Centers of Disease Control and Prevention –the virus can cause pneumonia in patients of severe to moderate asthma.

However, currently, no evidence exists that suggest that asthma patients are at more risk of contracting Coronavirus than other people.

In a 2020 study conducted on 140 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in Wuhan, China, none was asthmatic. This indicates that asthma does not necessarily pose as a risk factor for catching Coronavirus infection.

Yet, one cannot be more careful.

In case you develop fever with shortness of breath, you must at once contact Alexandria immediate care center.

Although asthmatics are not at a particularly higher risk, their condition can worsen in case they contract Covid-19 infection. So, it is crucial to manage your asthma at this time.

Please discuss with your doctor about the best way to manage asthma at a time when Coronavirus is hugely prevalent.

Tips for asthmatics to stay safe during the outbreak

  • Take your medications religiously. Keep adequate supply of medication. Keep inhaler handy.
  • Avoid potential triggers of asthma. Common triggers include molds, pollens, dust, mites, pets, air pollution, tobacco smoke, strong fragrances, stress, food additives, or any item that you are exclusively allergic to. Be moderate in your exercise. Rigorous workouts can trigger an attack.
  • Follow the precautions for preventing Covid-19. This includes: washing hands frequently, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and others.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle to keep your immunity strong.
  • Keep the number of Alexandria doctors office handy in case you require immediate care.

Being fearful is not the right way to deal with a medical condition during a pandemic. Being calm, positive, and disciplined in your ongoing medication is the right way.

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