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Common Holiday Injuries Urgent Care Can Treat!

During the busy holiday season, visiting an urgent care center as opposed to the ER or doctor’s office will get you in and out quickly for your Cold and Flu, Sore Throat, or Sinus Infection. In addition to these common cold-weather illnesses, there are many injuries that happen frequently during the holidays and the cold months. If you’re suffering from a non-life-threatening injury, come visit us!

Sledding accidents
We can provide X-Rays and stitches for minor sledding accidents, or if you slipped and fell on the ice!

Burnt fingers
With all that holiday baking, it can be easy to forget a pot-holder. For minor burns to skin, we can provide treatment.

Accidents from playing indoors
When all that kid energy is stuck indoors, accidents can happen. If someone might need stitches for an X-Ray, come on by.

Sports injuries
We treat sports injuries for winter sports like basketball, hockey, skiing, or snowboarding. Whether it’s a twisted ankle or a sprain, we provide quick, effective and affordable treatment solutions.

Nausea/food poisoning
With all those holiday potlucks, you may accidentally eat someone you’re allergic to or something that wasn’t cooked properly. If you come down with food allergies or food poisoning, our professional team can help.

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