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Are You Sexually Healthy? Find Out by STD Testing in Washington DC

STD clinic in DC

How much do you know about your sexual health? Are you sure you are not infected by any STD? It is easy to say “yes, I am absolutely fine,” as most sexually transmitted diseases show no symptoms. You would not know you are carrying a virus or a bacterium, unless you get yourselves tested.

Are you sexually healthy?

If you are sexually active, you must not overlook your sexual health. Most of the time, diseases spread due to ignorance and carelessness and, no doubt, embarrassment. A social stigma attached with STDs often prevents people from discussing openly about their sexual health with their doctor. Even if they doubt being infected, they won’t say.

This is dangerous behavior because you are not only jeopardizing your health, but also your partner’s. Moreover, some STDs are so deadly they spread to other organs of the body.

So, forget social stigma.

Be smart.

Undergo STD testing in Washington DC urgent care clinic and take charge of your health.

It’s only a disease; like any other

If you have STD, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s like any other disease. Viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens attack other areas of the body, such as kidney, liver, skin, eyes, ears, and more. Similarly, they can attack your reproductive parts. So, what’s the shyness about?

Do you feel shy talking about a stomach disease or heart disease?


In the same manner, please do not feel shy talking about a sexually transmitted disease.

The good news

An urgent care clinic in Washington performs discreet testing and treatment on the request of the patient. Testing takes around 10 minutes. In case your test result is positive, you can get the prescribed treatment on the same day itself.

In certain cases, the doctor may ask you to test again after a few days to confirm whether you are truly positive. This usually happens in case of HIV testing in Arlington, VA.

Most STDs are curable. You only need to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Diseases like Chlamydia, Syphilis, Trichomonas, and Gonorrhea require a course of antibiotics. So, if you think you are exposed, just walk in an urgent care clinic and get tested. The beginning of the new decade demands a change in thinking. Let’s be more mature and responsible. Everybody talks of physical and mental health for a better life. Let’s also talk of sexual health for a better sex life.

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