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All About Allergies

Nasal allergies are the most common manifestation of allergies. Typical symptoms include:

Nasal congestion

Clear runny nose

Itchy nose

Itchy throat and post-nasal drip

Crease across the top of the nose from constant wiping

Excessive sneezing

Dark circles under eyes

Persistent cough, often rattling

How do you tell if your child has allergies or just a simple cold?

You notice that your child’s nose has been running for a few days. He begins sneezing, develops an occasional cough, and has to blow his nose frequently. You ask yourself, “Could this be allergies? Or is it just a common cold virus?”

Many parents bring their children to the doctor with this very question. In reality, during the early stages of these symptoms, it doesn’t really matter if this is an allergy or a cold. Neither condition needs an antibiotic and the child doesn’t need to be in the office.


Now, if you really want to know whether your child is suffering from allergies or just a cold, you are going to have to wait and see if symptoms persist longer than one to three months – this is perhaps the single most important indicator of allergies. For an allergy test, visit our office!

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